Make Money Using Google Adsense

Make money using Adsense.

Cash - Earning Online using Google Adsense is about one thing. We, of course, know how we're going to make that money. If you're following this idea you know what you should do. Create targeted back links that point from good quality sites and to your site. After obtaining thousands and thousands of targeted backlinks you'll have enough visitors to make very good money from your site.

Well, if the keywords you're targeting have enough traffic and even better if a lot of advertisers want to reach the visitors that head out to your site wanting answers. Traffic comes, of course, by ranking high in the search engines. And that comes from have lots of targeted backlinks. How many? More than the other people who are in competition with your site for your key phrases.

Making money means people want to click your ads. Which must first mean that you rank high on the search engines... and here's where the important part comes in with Google Adsense. Once they find your site they have to NOT find their answer. What? You might be asking yourself what I mean. Simple, bring them in, don't give them the answers they are looking for and watch them click your advertising in an effort to find the answers they came to your site looking for.

You're just the middle man... once that was of no use to anyone, but today the middle man can make a lot of money with Google Adsense by bringing in visitors and then passing them on to sites who will pay you for passing them on. They pay you. You keep creating backlinks. You own more and more key phrases. More and more visitors who find what they want by clicking on your Advertising. Great, right?

This one has been a while coming. I'm slow going while hard at work on a book. But I'm still going strong, just not quite as strong. lol. I watched this bad boy get down to 71 and then fall right back off the charts when I came back after a bit. Sucks but that's the way it goes. I had another site fall off it's first page ranking to the second page. 30 bucks a month to about 8 bucks... damn it!

You have to keep building back links and keep bad links from going out on you.