Cash: Earn Online for Beginners

There are a lot of methods out there for how to make money online. Everyone wants to make money while they are sitting on the couch watching t.v. Usually, because they are new, they look at the top rated blog... click it and without reading anything else... they buy whatever slop that site is pushing. I'm not against spending twenty dollars to make a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand per month (they always say things like "Make 10,000 a day!" what crap) but these guys usually don't reveal their secrets they just give you an outside tip, one that you could get almost anywhere... for free.

Here's my second entry, by the way, thanks Earn Extra Cash Online

They give you lots of information on how to use Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest to get visitors to your site and then when those visitors don't buy they will sell you their "secrets" on how to get visitors to buy. They never say they will get your current visitors to buy because people coming from Twitter, Digg, and the rest of them are just browsing! If you want something from the internet you go to your search engine and you type in "Kobe Bryant signed basketball" and then you see what kind of deal you can get. How do you make money online? You appear as the first entry on the first page of that search engine. Cash earn online is one of the phrases I am going after here. I need to get to position one of page 1. Follow along with me as this happens.

How am I different?

Well, I'm going to give you the whole thing, everything I know is right here or will be... for free. I'm here to make some cash online and so are you. I'm not going to try and fool you into thinking I do this for all the little people (although I do enjoy some of the people I've met online quite a bit) I'm just here to make a living. It's just a bonus that I get to do it online. I could be making this entry from anywhere in the world! (I'm just sitting on my couch with a bowl of raisin bran next to me - but I'll get around to Egypt as soon as I rank #1 in the SERPs for some of my other sites...soon!) I'm a sucker for win-win. Most people push the win-lose because they don't have to supply a product they just sell/market/advertise/scam/con their way to success. But that's too much work for me. I know two guys who make a lot of money selling crap (nothing to do with the internet) and they are "always on the make" which means they are always looking for an angle to get buyers to buy. I can't do that. I find it super interesting to watch but all in all I know that if I get you to "buy in" to what I'm doing you'll do it and when it works you'll get other people to buy in. You'll leave nice comments which I love to read and other readers will get a warm fuzzy over them! No, seriously! I love warm and fuzzy feelings! But it's even better when Cash: Earn Online involved. See? I periodically use my keywords to let Google know what this site is about. Not too much but enough that it's pretty clear. I can also use synonyms (like "money" instead of "cash") too but I have to use my exact keywords periodically.

At this point this site in unindexed, has no links and did not exist before today (Mon Sep 28, 2009) As time goes by I'll give updates to where I'm at while I write all the posts that give out all my information (did i say "for FREE" yes?) so we can all earn some money online.

Cash: Earn Online

I'm taking a different approach. Cash Earn Online is just a little free course for all of you. As it gets ranked higher and higher you'll see that the method works. The question is how will I make money (because I already said I'm a greedy b*sterd!) I'm actually too lazy to be too greedy but I do like to make a little money if I'm giving away my secrets. Here's how it will happen. As I raise in the SERPs you will begin to trust me. You'll follow my advice, sure, but soon enough, you will find out all kinds of things I didn't know... you leave those new "tricks" in the comments section and everyone will earn cash online. Second, you'll need hosting for some of your sites - at least have your number one site hosted, you can use free sites for all the rest of them - and I'll have a link on the side for Host Gator (because all web masters know HG is awesome!) and you'll order and I'll make a few bucks. Not just HG though, if I know it works I'll endorse it and use it myself. Hey, you might order some of them and you might not... But it only works if you trust me. Whether you're a beginner or not.

Cash: Earn Online is here to find those of you who want to start something on the side and work for about a year part time or spend some a good amount of time and accomplish things even faster. We're talking about making money here. If you want readers... hit the social networks. Do facebook, myspace, twitter and the rest of that crap. Those sites do not make you any cash... but they do eat up a lot of your time! And if you're lonely, they can help... a tiny bit.

Let's get together and earn money for school, hobbies, or the rent! Start now or watch my internet persistence take me to the top! Sure, there will be things that cost money on here, some of you will want videos because they are easier and take up less time, some of you will want an e-book and don't mind paying ten or twenty bucks. And some of you will just read the site for free. Some of you will check my ads just out of curiosity or whatever. Just so long as we all get it together. At some point, I'm hoping you at least give me a shout out on your sites with a little link love... links are the backbone of my method and you'll quickly understand how important they are!

I didn't say free just to get you in the door and then turn around and charge you for the "real" secrets. I'm going to give you the "real" secrets for free and laugh because you'll see it is free, well, except for ALL THE HARD WORK it takes!

Look forward to cash earn online!

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