How to Link Build Using "black hat" Techniques to get .Edu and .Gov Links

How to Link Build

This site is all about using all FREE resources to crush pay sites. And contrary to what any of them might say "back links" are how everyone does it. They may tell you they use this neat program or that expensive program and that may or may not be true but if it is true then they are using the program to build back links. Nothing more. Somehow they are using the information they are gathering to build back links. Many of the "experts" tell you how complicated it is to rank, how you have to have a fantastic site that's well coded and looks great, that you have to constantly blog, and that you have to have a lot of expensive e-books or programs that they are pushing.

hmmm.... I don't think so...

What do you need? Backlinks.

As of this post this site is not ranked in the SERPs (search engine results page) while several of the posts that are pointing to me do rank on the first and second page. Why? Do those pages have better writing? No. What is it about them that allowed them to rank so quickly? Do they have more links pointing to them than to here? It's close but no, they don't. However their site has thousands upon thousands of links pointing to it... and some of that juice is being counted on those pages. A GoArticles article and a Articlebase article both of which point here.

This site will get it's day in the sun.

I have been doing a little blog perusing to create "do follow" backlinks through comments to this site. I should be doing more peer to peer linking but haven't been doing that as of yet. I've been creating blogs that I use to send links here. I'll be posting a little list of some of those, like I promised in my last post, but have not compiled it yet.

On to the black hat thing... this isn't one of the bad things. If google decides you're spamming these sites (because they are reporting you! because you are spamming) then you will likely get that email address earmarked as spam by the companies whose services sweep the comment sections of some of the really big free blog platforms. Read the post and answer with a minimum of four sentences!

Here is .edu and .gov SE filters
Anyway here is how you search for .edu and .gov blogs while filting out a bunch of the crap.

site:.edu “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
Cut and paste that above. If you want .gov then delete the .edu part and replace it with the .gov suffix. This will give you those sites... add +"keyword" at the end to look for blogs that contain your keywords... which does help a bit.

The trick is... when you put your name int he name box which is usually first then for most setups that is your link title. That means that page is telling Google to rank you for whatever you put in the "name" box. So if it's "Dan" then that page is telling Google to rank your site for "dan" not for "future car parts" or whatever you're going after. But if you just put "future car parts" the owner of the blog could get annoyed and mark you as spam. Too many times like this and your email gets blown out as a spammer. Then your comments automatically get blocked.

To avoid that take a look at the other comments. Do other people use their keywords as their name? Then it's probably okay if you leave a good comment. Do other people use their keywords and stupid one line comments like "nice site"? Then they probably have their blog's comments on auto approve or they are happy with any comment. If the other names don't have live "links" then they might have that turned off, so just skip it. I go with "Dan @ Tips for Flirting" or whatever so I have a name and a product... this usually get me by. Especially if someone else has this type of "name". Just leave a good comment. 4 sentences.

That's it for how to link build using black hat techniques for today.


Earn Cash Online with... ALL FREE RESOURCES!!!

If you're following along then you want to know where we are at. If this is your first visit then you want to know what's going on. I've created an experiment... I'm going to create a website and propel it to the top of the search engines so I can make money online with it. Here's where this blog is different. I'm going to talk about what I'm doing. That's right I'm revealing my "secrets" as I work. They aren't real secrets just a little bit of information that I know that you might not know.

How much???

I know you think at some point I'm going to hit you with a price tag. I'm not going to. If you don't believe me, at least continue on, go for as long as it's free! You can subscribe to the RSS feed (up in the address bar you'll see the orange square with white stripes - click it) that's how you pay me. Or bookmark me in Delicious or one of the other online! bookmarkers. It that paying me? NO! That's free to you. And if you don't want to then don't.

So where are we?

Well, my "main" article over at GoArticles broke the top ten. It's no. 6!!!! Cool, huh. I checked it over at Backlink Tool which is www.backlinkwatch.com with what I think might be a good "targeted backlink" for them. It's no follow but I don't owe them like I owe Grizz! Oh, backlink watch is free. I'm not using SEO Elite because that's a $167 dollar software. Which most people don't have. Everything Elite does you can do for free, but not in one place. For one place, it's worth it to cough up the cash for it. I don't know if they have an affiliate thing, but if they do I'll try to get one on here, then when you think you're ready for that level of cash earn online you can pick it up on here and it'll kick me down a few bucks. I haven't seen one, though, so go ahead and pick it up whenever.

I don't link to them because they are linking to me... and one way links are WAY better than reciprocal links...


What has been done to get my GoArticles "Main" Article to number 6 and my article base article to number 14?

Well, you have to pay attention to the 200 metrics that surround SEO.... hahahahaha. Just kidding. There aren't 200 metrics. If you've been reading junk like that.... forget it. They are keying up to sell you something. Granted, whatever they are selling probably gives out a whole lot of information... thing is... it's information that you don't need!

What do you need?

Well, you're not going to like hearing this but... you need targeted backlinks...

What else?

Oh, yeah... you also need....

nothing. (that was anti-climactic!)

You mean if you get targeted backlinks you can smash all the paying sites into the ground?


How many do you need?

Well, how many does the site have that you need to smash into the ground have? 150? What quality? (this is where SEO Elite comes in handy!) Just because they have 150 backlinks doesn't mean you do. You have to find out if they are "targeted backlinks" which means...


If you want to give me a targeted backlink Google it but heres what is would look like in blue and possibly underlined..

Here's whatever came before the link and then the link Cash Earn Online and the blue is the link when you're finished.

Now Google knows what you think my site is about. (That's not a real link, by the way, I just turned the letters blue with love....lol) So where were we... Ah, yes, ranking. I have created blogs or hubs or barrel or whatever all linking toward my GoArticle "main" article and would appreciate if you could use your online bookmark on it here... Cash Earn Online using GoArticles! and also my ArticleBase article at... Cash Earn Online with ArticleBase

So, I used a bunch of "do follow" FREE sources.

When I punched in backlinkwatch I saw 2 little links. I think I probably made about 10 but the two showing there were:
  1. Hubpages: Cash Earn Online with Dan
  2. PostUrOwn: Cash Earn Online
That posturown is only a pr2 (to show that pr doesn't matter) but helped propel me to no. 6 beccause of perfect keyword targeting. posturown.com is a friend of Griz's so use it freely and don't abuse it or I'll have to smash.

See hubpages is dofollow or at least it can be if you keep your hubpage scores up. Which can be a pain in the ass... errrrr....

Next post I'll point to the list of "do follow" sites I used and recreate it here so I can get some targeted backlinks for "how to link build" because... well, why not dominate more and more keywords... isn't the point to make cash online?

That's enough rambling for now...


Cash - Use Social Web 2.0 to Earn Online

The world has collapsed and the internet has broken through the cracks. What does that mean? It means I can't go anywhere without the internet coming through the seems to interfere with my everyday life. I go to see a band at a "free" radio show in Scottsdale... I get inundated with website crap. I can't turn around without getting someone's myspace page or facebook profile... ewww. I came to have a few beers and listen to some music.

I see everyone eager to take everyone else's business cards... so they can get an extra friend. When I see those people I think to myself... don't they have enough? I can't keep up with the people I already have and that's only thirty or forty. What if I had 300? 3,000? Nope.

And for what? At these events and social gatherings I see everyone somehow wanting to turn this facebook/twitter/digg/etc thing into money. How much money is there in all of it? Lots. Cash to be made. But, er, you have to be willing to get a little shady. Because it isn't flowing around like a mall. People go to a mall wanting to spend their money. They get excited about it.

Nobody gets excited about following a Twitter twit and spending money. Then why is web 2.0 so big? Well, there ARE people willing to spend money to figure out how to get the money from other people spending money in the web 2.0 twitter/facebook universe. Did you catch that circle? The only people spending money are the people who want to get the money from those people trying to figure out how to get the money from people who want to figure out how to get the money from people wanting to figure out... ahhhhhh!!!! Am I saying web 2.0 is a pyramid scam?

No. errrr.... maybe.

Maybe it's like MLM. I'm sure there's a product in there somewhere buried deep. Real deep.

Well, you'll have something pretty cool to tell your friends if you get 5 million Twitter followers or whatever is awesome these days. What you won't get is any money.

If you want money, focus on getting backlinks with your keywords in them from sites that talk about what your site talks about. Period.

I like to think people can learn how to link build and then push a website to the top of the search engines and make a couple bucks from adsense.

But, if you want to stay in 2.0 think about my mom. She publishes in her blog one to five times a day! She takes good care of her readers. My mom's blog is about nothing but her going to the store, who's died in her retirement home, what she thinks of this or that and she makes a couple bucks (one month she made $14.30!) which makes her very, very happy. She reviews books and movies and has amazon links and thirty or forth followers.

She puts WAY too much time into that one blog if you ask me. Usually for $2 or $3 dollars! Instead, use the SERPs. That's where the money is at! When you get people who have actually typed in "flirting 101" they are much more likely to buy a product that teaches them how to flirt than someone who came over from TMZ!

Let's get this straight. I have a nav bar loaded with social bookmarks. When I write something I go down the line and bookmark it with all of them. I also try to stay up to date with which hubpage/infobarrel etc is still do follow and create "pages" about what I need a link in. Heck I try to steer a few visitors to my hubpages to get the score up to 75 (it's pretty much not worth the time... lol) because that's where it needs to be to get the coveted "do follow" link... lol.

Anyway... that enough of social web 2.0...

Cash Earn Online with Dan


How to Link Build - 21 Sites I Used to Get Indexed and Build Page Rank!

If you want to learn how to use a FREE blog to crush the competition then follow this blog as I push myself up the SERPs to the top spot for these keywords and then successively more difficult keyphrases. Follow me as I talk about all my secrets from my blog to yours...

If you want to earn Cash - Earn Online (by the way I just linked to my previous blog entry here at Cash so I can get a double listing for How to Link Build at some point) then do't thinking about following those bloggers who feed off you rather than feeding you great advice and knowledge. I believe your success helps my success and my success builds your success.

Making Money Online starts with getting indexed in Google. If you have a very high ranking site (pr 4+) you can use that to get indexed. For this blog I won't go that route. Instead I'll use all the free things anyone can do right.

I am now indexed. Good. How did I get indexed, well I've done the following and it could have been any of it. There is no way to know what did the trick. But remember my web philosophy when building links... you can link to anything you create that links to your targeted site... but your targeted site can point to none of it. So if you have a hub page pointing to an article on GoArticles and the GoArticles article points to your targeted site then your targeted site can not have a link pointing to the GoArticle article OR the hubpage. Or anything pointing to that hubpage.

Enough of that let's get to the list...

Some of these are "no follow" but I've seen tests and "no follow" do indeed pass something to sites just not nearly as much as "do follow" but since most of these wee vey, very easy (like delicious) It's easy and I like easy...

1. Delicious - Bookmarking - once you sign up you merely have to click the button on your toolbar and up pops a little box... write a few notes and it's bookmarked.

2. HubPages - Make a little hub, then get the hub score to 75 to change it to "do follow"

3. Propellor - Pain in my *ss.

4. Blogger - free blogs... make another blog with similiar keywords. I use all the other sources to hit that site as well and then use that site to point to my target site. (this one) Eventually the other blog will get a pr 0 rank and pass juice to my site.

5. Wordpress - Create a free blog... uh, see #4...

6. Infobarrel - create a page there and make sure you get the green check mark. Just keep adding modules to get there...

7. Posturown - Low PR but the people involved know what they are doing so it will get its PR up soon.

8. ArticleBase - Hey after 1 day my article here with just a few backlinks from other sites on this list now has my article on the 1st page for my keywords. Cool, right? The more positions I control on the top 10 the more chances I can dominate for this keyphrase.

9. GoArticles - They let you put links in the body of the piece (which is best in Google's eyes) and a link in the bio box. GoArticles has a pr 6... or is it 5?)

10. Folkd - a delicious like site

11. LinkAgogo - yet another do follow bookmarking site

12. ezine - Ezine is the highest ranked and most respected but they have stringent standards and have shot down a few of my articles multiple times (just to be annoying, lol) and sometimes I thought it was more trouble than it's worth...

13. Technorati - Super huge "no follow" mess that can get you visitors and PR (yup, I maintain that "no follow" passes authority in some way for Google and passes authority AND page rank for yahoo and msn. The profile links are "do follow"...

14. Digg - Once again, work the bio.

15. Furl - do follow - pr 7 Social Bookmarker

16. Backflip - Social bookmarker

17. Bumpzee

18. Raw Sugar - social bookmarker pr 6

19. Yattle - pr 2

20. ez4u - A pr 3

There's a list. A good start. Even better is to look for blogs that are in your subject that have good pr and have do follow set. Then don't tell anyone about them, just bookmark the site privately and make great comments with backlinks. If you're good eventually, if the author notices your comments, you can ask to write an article for them with a backlink in content for you.

I put buttons on my firefox toolbar for a bunch of the social bookmarking sites and then when I do something I click each of them and bookmark it... It's so easy it's silly....


How to Link Build Online to Earn Cash

This is a FREE blog that will show you how to use a free blog from Google Blogger or anywhere else and smash the competition. I'll do that by building this site up for my keywords cash earn online and then more difficult competition while at the same time I'll be posting exactly how I'm doing it! For Free. I want to build a community of good sites where we can all share links and get our big time Page Rank going. I want to help you and then if you want to help me... great!

Link Building

Link building and Cash: Earn Online go hand in hand. What that means is if you want to make some money online then you're going to have to spend some time link building and by "some time" I mean you're going to have to spend a bunch of time.

You have to link to your other articles within your articles. Why? I explain in my earlier articles. Anyway Cash Earn Online

And my second article... Earn Extra Cash Online

And if you link to this article please use How to Link Build.
And now we're back to my big Link Building lesson. Let's begin with the basics.


1. First off let's get things spelled correctly. That means having most of it looking pretty good. I see very high earning sites with typos, some people even think a few typos makes it look "real," but for the most part you want to have the language in pretty good shape. What if you don't speak English (or whatever language) very well? There are websites that will review your article for as little as a link! Just a lousy link on a Google indexed free blog even! And if you can't find one - email me - I'll touch it up for a permanent link!
2. Be an expert - even if you're not an expert you still need to be an expert. I have a paintball site that I adsense for about $20.00 a month. I only write articles every now and again for it but I research them first so when I write, I'm writing from an expert's perspective.
3. Keywords - Have your keywords in your article. If you don't you won't matter to Google. If you say your site is about Cash Earn Online then Google wants to see you talking about making money online. If your article is about How to Link Build then you have to talk about backlink building. Got it? Good.


4. Make a list of what isn't true about your particular field. If it's link building then talk about what you don't do when link building. "Top 10 Reasons Link Farms Actually Do Work" or something like that.
5. Make a top 10 - Top 10 Best SEO Tips, Top 10 Easiest Backlink Secrets, Top 10 Best Shoes, etc. You get the idea... don't you?
6. Give a list of the best sources of information on a subject.

7. Create a "link to me" area where you provide the code for someone to link to you... like this...

Link to me: Cash Earn Online

8. Create webpages or wordpress themes so you can stick your link in the footer and get free links. Be sure to use the exactly link text you want like Cash Earn Online so you rank for that exact search phrase.
9. Have your contact information on a page so Google picks it up and adds you to local searches. When you're local people in your area are more apt to link to you. Sure it's a long shot, but this help with local searches once you rank high as well so it's just good practice.


10. Ezine.com - Ezine is tough. You sign up and write an article and then it gets reviewed. You get 10 initial articles before you come up for review. At that point you either get 10 more if they like your articles or unlimited more if they love them, but if they don't like you then 10 is your limit until you open a new account. Ezine will also make you redo errors and the like if you don't follow their rules and guidlines correctly. It can be annoying but they have the highest rank and reputation. So deal with it and get some good links.
11. Use GoArticles.com - GoArticles lets you put links in the body of your article (ezine only lets you "sign" at the bottom) and "in content" links are much, much, much better than links down at the bottom.
12. isnare.com - another one like the above two. In fact there are a hundred article submission sites so get to work on them. Link from them to your article and where ever else you have things.

Link Reciprocate...

13. Trade links - This means your site has a link pointing at their site and they have a link pointing at your site. This can be from a links page (which sucks... get rid of it!) or from within the content. Never agree to be on someone else's link page. It's better to be on a buried page (as long as it's indexed) within the content than on a link page. These are weak but if it's on a site that's about the same thing your site is about (both about dating, or both about cars, or both about drawing) then Google still likes this a lot. If not, then it is worth next to nothing...
14. 3-way link - You or they have two sites pretty much about the same thing. Your first site has a link pointing to their site and their site as a link pointing to your second sight. To Google it looks like they are linking to you but your are not linking to them... very good. And it looks like you're other site is liking to them and they are not linking to that other site... good. But Google is a little smarter than this. If either of your two sites link to each other (and why wouldn't they?) then Google will raise a little flag... if too many of the sites involved are all linking to each other then Google get angry and Google smash! and no Cash Earn Online. That's NOT how to link build, by the way.
15. Trade and abandon - You agree to trade. They point at you and you point at them then... after a few weeks you delete your link to them. Next time Google spiders it's a 1 way link and if it's in content with your keyword text (cash earn online) and on the same kind of subject then Google jumps for joy! The only thing better is higher PR! They might catch this and call you on it, or more likely just delete your link. But what happens a lot is... they never notice! Sweeeet!
(Don't cry to me... if you don't feel this is your thing.... don't do it! Simple!)
16. Send an email asking for a 1 way, keyword text, in content link just because. Hey, you never know!


17. Having a drawing, to enter send me an email and direct a link at my site (or whatever new site you're building) from your site. At the end of the week, day, year, month... the winner gets... ipod? Snazzy link from my very high ranking PR site. Say you'll email the winner that way the other people don't check to see if they won, that way they won't be reminded to remove your link if they didn't win... What? That one is as white had as you can get!
18. Putting out a press release. Just google it. You jump up and down about your site and hope those kinds of outlets that deal with that junk puts up a link to your site. That isn't same subject but every link helps! (even "no follow" - tests show they do help slightly! especially with Yahoo!)
19. Emailing your friends and begging...
20. Giving out "awards" which are cool little pictures that recognize something the site does well. This picture itself can have a link embedded or if that's a little our of your league add an article on your site with the "results" and a lot of blogs and some sites will put a link pointing to your site so they can get some love!
21. Getting your community - online or in real life - to delicious, digg, sphinn, twitter, facebook or whatever you.. Some of those are "do follow" and even those that are "no follow" such as Twitter can still pass visitors (and tests seem to indicate that they do pass some authority despide the "no follow")


22. Your community as stuff.... Chamber of Commerce...
23. Organizations you belong to... Just a polite inquiry is all... geez, don't be so sensitive!
24. The Better Business Bureau
25. Start another website or blog, get that indexed and then link to your site using that! (why didn't I think of that! Damn this is a lot of work!)
26. Use ebay.
27. Offer straight cash to people.
28. Threaten people... (yeah, i'm running thin... lol) No seriously, you could get in the news and then the news' webpage will link to your whatever they can find. Go ahead and alert them if they question you about the "event"!
29. Comment on "do follow" blogs.... it isn't much but it also isn't hard. Don't spam. Spam pisses everyone off and is pretty much a waste of time. People delete spam or don't approve it. If you just leave 5 MORE sentences they will leave the link FOREVER! Just read two paragraphs in the middle and talk about that, but show that you read some part of it! Don't spam! Ever! It's annoying. And link to this site! (it was worth a shot! lol)
30. Apply to free directories.
31. But high page ranking sites that people have recently abandoned or are selling... do some research! Sometimes people have a pr 2, 3 or even 4 that they don't make money from and are tired of the work. They just let it go and those links pointing toward it are not going anywhere! Google just doesn't care (much.)(for now.)
32. Do a little free/low pay work (1 hour or less) to get a permanent link our their pr 2 and above site... Craig's List!
33. Get on Craig's List somewhere and ad your link! That's how to link build. (Got to use the keywords to make money online. Cash! Cash! Cash!)
34. Did I say pay for them? Yup, to win big you'll have to pay for great back links!

I'm tired and going to bed. Follow me on RSS! Bookmark me! Come back! Please!?! I'll buy you candy! Man, I really am tired.

end your post with your keyphrase in the last sentence. Cash - earn online today, yesterday and tomorrow.......


Earn Extra Cash Online

Note: My comments are "do follow". Please take one but leave your own techniques for readers or a little love if you know what I mean.

Cash Earn Online is my little "experiment" site. I started a new blog and am now writing about what I'm doing to get the blog ranked on the first page for my keywords. I'm going to reveal what I'm doing instead of doing it behind the scenes. I've worked a few sites to the top of the search engines by using these techniques exactly as I'm revealing to anyone and everyone.

I started this little "Earn a little extra cash online" by doing research on keyphrases. How did I choose this one? It had a good amount of searches - nothing compared to phrases like "make money online" which must be one of the most lucrative phrases out there but it's "like" it, it "resembles" it - just much less competition. lol. I wanted Cash - Earned Online and I wanted to build a money making community as well.

Start with my first entry Cash Earn Online and then come back to this one.


What did I do after I finally found a good keyphrase?

Well, I checked its competition. How do I do that? Well, I already had SEObook's SEO toolbar but if I didn't then I would have downloaded and activated it. But I am getting ahead of myself. I do that from time to time so if you get lost just bare with me, I'll probably get back to the point in short order... Anyway, I opened Google and just entered my "keyphrase" in quotes and in the upper right hand corner is a big number or a little number depending on your phrase. For one of my other sites there were 4.5 million "competing websites" (that's Google's number: the number actually competing is always far less) and I made it to the top in 2 months. I got put in the sandbox for my best earning site but I'm sure it will get itself all settled out. Anyway, I compare the number of searches and the number of my competitors and then if those numbers seem right... I like more than 7,000 searches and and less than 20,000 competitors OR if I use the SEObook toolbar to "diagnose" the top competitors and find their backlinks to be weak or vulnerable then I might attack that area anyway no matter what the competition is... (which is what I did for my best site! I don't reveal those as I don't want you knocking me out just for kicks! lol hey, it has happened!)

When I'm looking at those backlinks (by the way you can also use www.backlinkwatch.com to get a list of backlinks for your site or other sites...) Remember, when making backlinks you want 60 to 80 percent of them to be your keyphrase "cash earn online" or "Earn Extra Cash Online" but you HAVE to have other mixed in or G (Google) will go nuts on you and your site. Your link list should look like this...

cash earn online
cash earn online
Make Money
Earn Extra Cash Online
Cash Earn Online
blank (because a picture was used by someone...damn them! wasted link!)
cash earn online
make cash online
here (becuase they put "check this site out here")
cash earn online

That's what G likes to see.

Here's where Grizz gets a little link love because this site is about make money online

Just giving the player his due... lol.

Where was I?

Oh, yes... what did I do next?

Oh, I'm not indexed at this point. If you have access to a high ranking site then you can create a link, wait for your site to get spidered (which means G looks it over with a little program everyone calls a "spider") and then it's listed in G's SE (Search Engine.) That's where you want to be.. listed. That's where I want to be... listed. But just because I'm not listed now doesn't mean I should worry about it... it happens at some point when one of your backlinks gets spidered, the spider follows the link to your site and your site gets spidered. (Unless it's "no follow" which is just a little piece of code that tells Google not to let its spiders follow the link to your site. So Google doesn't count the link.)

Next I open my account at GoArticles.com. I used my dating account (I use different accounts for my small niches so people can't follow my articles back and compete with me just for fun...) I wrote an article which is actually just a rewrite of my first entry on here. Says all the same things. I even wonder a bit on the article for length. I'll also try to get this article listed high for the same search phrase cash earn online so I can control more of the top 10. In goarticles I can put a link to my site (I connect it to my site's first article which is connected to my site... I better explain:

my site is called www.cashearnonlinewithdan.com but my first article is called http://cashearnonlinewithdan.blogspot.com/2009/09/cash-earn-online-for-beginners.html

There is a difference. As the article post gets older and replaced by new articles the link will follow the article "deeper" into my site. This is good and bad... good that it helps with authority because G thinks this looks more natural but more links to the site itself helps page rank and search engine rankings. They both help PR (page rank) but links to your site help just alittle bit more!
But I put that link in the first paragraph. Why? Because it the article gets scraped (someone else copies it and uses it) they might not remove the link (free link!) and also because G seems to give a link more juice when it's right up top. Google also likes the link to be in context. (note: comments DO NOT get anywhere near the juice that links inside the article get)

Then I opened a different/new Squidoo account and created a "lens," er, uh...

Just go there and you'll see, it's easy. The first lens had a link (Squidoo is do follow but at first it will be no follow, just keep adding "modules" until you get a little green check mark... you'll understand when you do it and then it will turn into 'do follow' over night!) Earn extra cash online is another chance to put in my key phrase because if you don't put it in periodically then G doesn't know what your page is about. My 2nd keyphrase is made up of part or all of my main keyphrase... coincidence... of course not!

Next I made a second lens which pointed to my site's first article (which will soon point to this entry as well so when one gets indexed the other gets indexed. It also spreads one article's juice to the other article but the whole site still keeps it all... very good.

By the way, you see how this post is really, really, really long?

Here's why: Google loves long entries. They rank better. Two, some people hate long entries... hopefully they will click on my Adsense to move on. (It may not have Adsense yet, but it will, Adsense just makes a site gain rank slower) Third, people will find it hard when you're putting down bible length articles to decide you don't know what you're talking about...(thanks Grizz)

So I have my first "backlinks" pointing to my site's articles and my Goarticles article which also points to my site. The web of links is important but watch out if you link both ways... G will think you're a link farm and drop bombs on you and your site. Just funnel everything toward the site you want to make money and don't send out any links from your site to the other stuff you created to promote your site. For instance if your goarticles article links to your main site don't link your main site to that article.

Well, I'm not done but I'm done for now...

Remember, if you do what I do, create legit sights with good content then think about joining forces in creating 3 way links (some people don't know this) which Google doesn't mind that will propel us up the SE rankings so we can make money. The higher you are the more people that visit your site. Cash Earn Online!

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