How to Link Build - 21 Sites I Used to Get Indexed and Build Page Rank!

If you want to learn how to use a FREE blog to crush the competition then follow this blog as I push myself up the SERPs to the top spot for these keywords and then successively more difficult keyphrases. Follow me as I talk about all my secrets from my blog to yours...

If you want to earn Cash - Earn Online (by the way I just linked to my previous blog entry here at Cash so I can get a double listing for How to Link Build at some point) then do't thinking about following those bloggers who feed off you rather than feeding you great advice and knowledge. I believe your success helps my success and my success builds your success.

Making Money Online starts with getting indexed in Google. If you have a very high ranking site (pr 4+) you can use that to get indexed. For this blog I won't go that route. Instead I'll use all the free things anyone can do right.

I am now indexed. Good. How did I get indexed, well I've done the following and it could have been any of it. There is no way to know what did the trick. But remember my web philosophy when building links... you can link to anything you create that links to your targeted site... but your targeted site can point to none of it. So if you have a hub page pointing to an article on GoArticles and the GoArticles article points to your targeted site then your targeted site can not have a link pointing to the GoArticle article OR the hubpage. Or anything pointing to that hubpage.

Enough of that let's get to the list...

Some of these are "no follow" but I've seen tests and "no follow" do indeed pass something to sites just not nearly as much as "do follow" but since most of these wee vey, very easy (like delicious) It's easy and I like easy...

1. Delicious - Bookmarking - once you sign up you merely have to click the button on your toolbar and up pops a little box... write a few notes and it's bookmarked.

2. HubPages - Make a little hub, then get the hub score to 75 to change it to "do follow"

3. Propellor - Pain in my *ss.

4. Blogger - free blogs... make another blog with similiar keywords. I use all the other sources to hit that site as well and then use that site to point to my target site. (this one) Eventually the other blog will get a pr 0 rank and pass juice to my site.

5. Wordpress - Create a free blog... uh, see #4...

6. Infobarrel - create a page there and make sure you get the green check mark. Just keep adding modules to get there...

7. Posturown - Low PR but the people involved know what they are doing so it will get its PR up soon.

8. ArticleBase - Hey after 1 day my article here with just a few backlinks from other sites on this list now has my article on the 1st page for my keywords. Cool, right? The more positions I control on the top 10 the more chances I can dominate for this keyphrase.

9. GoArticles - They let you put links in the body of the piece (which is best in Google's eyes) and a link in the bio box. GoArticles has a pr 6... or is it 5?)

10. Folkd - a delicious like site

11. LinkAgogo - yet another do follow bookmarking site

12. ezine - Ezine is the highest ranked and most respected but they have stringent standards and have shot down a few of my articles multiple times (just to be annoying, lol) and sometimes I thought it was more trouble than it's worth...

13. Technorati - Super huge "no follow" mess that can get you visitors and PR (yup, I maintain that "no follow" passes authority in some way for Google and passes authority AND page rank for yahoo and msn. The profile links are "do follow"...

14. Digg - Once again, work the bio.

15. Furl - do follow - pr 7 Social Bookmarker

16. Backflip - Social bookmarker

17. Bumpzee

18. Raw Sugar - social bookmarker pr 6

19. Yattle - pr 2

20. ez4u - A pr 3

There's a list. A good start. Even better is to look for blogs that are in your subject that have good pr and have do follow set. Then don't tell anyone about them, just bookmark the site privately and make great comments with backlinks. If you're good eventually, if the author notices your comments, you can ask to write an article for them with a backlink in content for you.

I put buttons on my firefox toolbar for a bunch of the social bookmarking sites and then when I do something I click each of them and bookmark it... It's so easy it's silly....

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