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If you're following along then you want to know where we are at. If this is your first visit then you want to know what's going on. I've created an experiment... I'm going to create a website and propel it to the top of the search engines so I can make money online with it. Here's where this blog is different. I'm going to talk about what I'm doing. That's right I'm revealing my "secrets" as I work. They aren't real secrets just a little bit of information that I know that you might not know.

How much???

I know you think at some point I'm going to hit you with a price tag. I'm not going to. If you don't believe me, at least continue on, go for as long as it's free! You can subscribe to the RSS feed (up in the address bar you'll see the orange square with white stripes - click it) that's how you pay me. Or bookmark me in Delicious or one of the other online! bookmarkers. It that paying me? NO! That's free to you. And if you don't want to then don't.

So where are we?

Well, my "main" article over at GoArticles broke the top ten. It's no. 6!!!! Cool, huh. I checked it over at Backlink Tool which is www.backlinkwatch.com with what I think might be a good "targeted backlink" for them. It's no follow but I don't owe them like I owe Grizz! Oh, backlink watch is free. I'm not using SEO Elite because that's a $167 dollar software. Which most people don't have. Everything Elite does you can do for free, but not in one place. For one place, it's worth it to cough up the cash for it. I don't know if they have an affiliate thing, but if they do I'll try to get one on here, then when you think you're ready for that level of cash earn online you can pick it up on here and it'll kick me down a few bucks. I haven't seen one, though, so go ahead and pick it up whenever.

I don't link to them because they are linking to me... and one way links are WAY better than reciprocal links...


What has been done to get my GoArticles "Main" Article to number 6 and my article base article to number 14?

Well, you have to pay attention to the 200 metrics that surround SEO.... hahahahaha. Just kidding. There aren't 200 metrics. If you've been reading junk like that.... forget it. They are keying up to sell you something. Granted, whatever they are selling probably gives out a whole lot of information... thing is... it's information that you don't need!

What do you need?

Well, you're not going to like hearing this but... you need targeted backlinks...

What else?

Oh, yeah... you also need....

nothing. (that was anti-climactic!)

You mean if you get targeted backlinks you can smash all the paying sites into the ground?


How many do you need?

Well, how many does the site have that you need to smash into the ground have? 150? What quality? (this is where SEO Elite comes in handy!) Just because they have 150 backlinks doesn't mean you do. You have to find out if they are "targeted backlinks" which means...


If you want to give me a targeted backlink Google it but heres what is would look like in blue and possibly underlined..

Here's whatever came before the link and then the link Cash Earn Online and the blue is the link when you're finished.

Now Google knows what you think my site is about. (That's not a real link, by the way, I just turned the letters blue with love....lol) So where were we... Ah, yes, ranking. I have created blogs or hubs or barrel or whatever all linking toward my GoArticle "main" article and would appreciate if you could use your online bookmark on it here... Cash Earn Online using GoArticles! and also my ArticleBase article at... Cash Earn Online with ArticleBase

So, I used a bunch of "do follow" FREE sources.

When I punched in backlinkwatch I saw 2 little links. I think I probably made about 10 but the two showing there were:
  1. Hubpages: Cash Earn Online with Dan
  2. PostUrOwn: Cash Earn Online
That posturown is only a pr2 (to show that pr doesn't matter) but helped propel me to no. 6 beccause of perfect keyword targeting. posturown.com is a friend of Griz's so use it freely and don't abuse it or I'll have to smash.

See hubpages is dofollow or at least it can be if you keep your hubpage scores up. Which can be a pain in the ass... errrrr....

Next post I'll point to the list of "do follow" sites I used and recreate it here so I can get some targeted backlinks for "how to link build" because... well, why not dominate more and more keywords... isn't the point to make cash online?

That's enough rambling for now...

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