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Note: My comments are "do follow". Please take one but leave your own techniques for readers or a little love if you know what I mean.

Cash Earn Online is my little "experiment" site. I started a new blog and am now writing about what I'm doing to get the blog ranked on the first page for my keywords. I'm going to reveal what I'm doing instead of doing it behind the scenes. I've worked a few sites to the top of the search engines by using these techniques exactly as I'm revealing to anyone and everyone.

I started this little "Earn a little extra cash online" by doing research on keyphrases. How did I choose this one? It had a good amount of searches - nothing compared to phrases like "make money online" which must be one of the most lucrative phrases out there but it's "like" it, it "resembles" it - just much less competition. lol. I wanted Cash - Earned Online and I wanted to build a money making community as well.

Start with my first entry Cash Earn Online and then come back to this one.


What did I do after I finally found a good keyphrase?

Well, I checked its competition. How do I do that? Well, I already had SEObook's SEO toolbar but if I didn't then I would have downloaded and activated it. But I am getting ahead of myself. I do that from time to time so if you get lost just bare with me, I'll probably get back to the point in short order... Anyway, I opened Google and just entered my "keyphrase" in quotes and in the upper right hand corner is a big number or a little number depending on your phrase. For one of my other sites there were 4.5 million "competing websites" (that's Google's number: the number actually competing is always far less) and I made it to the top in 2 months. I got put in the sandbox for my best earning site but I'm sure it will get itself all settled out. Anyway, I compare the number of searches and the number of my competitors and then if those numbers seem right... I like more than 7,000 searches and and less than 20,000 competitors OR if I use the SEObook toolbar to "diagnose" the top competitors and find their backlinks to be weak or vulnerable then I might attack that area anyway no matter what the competition is... (which is what I did for my best site! I don't reveal those as I don't want you knocking me out just for kicks! lol hey, it has happened!)

When I'm looking at those backlinks (by the way you can also use www.backlinkwatch.com to get a list of backlinks for your site or other sites...) Remember, when making backlinks you want 60 to 80 percent of them to be your keyphrase "cash earn online" or "Earn Extra Cash Online" but you HAVE to have other mixed in or G (Google) will go nuts on you and your site. Your link list should look like this...

cash earn online
cash earn online
Make Money
Earn Extra Cash Online
Cash Earn Online
blank (because a picture was used by someone...damn them! wasted link!)
cash earn online
make cash online
here (becuase they put "check this site out here")
cash earn online

That's what G likes to see.

Here's where Grizz gets a little link love because this site is about make money online

Just giving the player his due... lol.

Where was I?

Oh, yes... what did I do next?

Oh, I'm not indexed at this point. If you have access to a high ranking site then you can create a link, wait for your site to get spidered (which means G looks it over with a little program everyone calls a "spider") and then it's listed in G's SE (Search Engine.) That's where you want to be.. listed. That's where I want to be... listed. But just because I'm not listed now doesn't mean I should worry about it... it happens at some point when one of your backlinks gets spidered, the spider follows the link to your site and your site gets spidered. (Unless it's "no follow" which is just a little piece of code that tells Google not to let its spiders follow the link to your site. So Google doesn't count the link.)

Next I open my account at GoArticles.com. I used my dating account (I use different accounts for my small niches so people can't follow my articles back and compete with me just for fun...) I wrote an article which is actually just a rewrite of my first entry on here. Says all the same things. I even wonder a bit on the article for length. I'll also try to get this article listed high for the same search phrase cash earn online so I can control more of the top 10. In goarticles I can put a link to my site (I connect it to my site's first article which is connected to my site... I better explain:

my site is called www.cashearnonlinewithdan.com but my first article is called http://cashearnonlinewithdan.blogspot.com/2009/09/cash-earn-online-for-beginners.html

There is a difference. As the article post gets older and replaced by new articles the link will follow the article "deeper" into my site. This is good and bad... good that it helps with authority because G thinks this looks more natural but more links to the site itself helps page rank and search engine rankings. They both help PR (page rank) but links to your site help just alittle bit more!
But I put that link in the first paragraph. Why? Because it the article gets scraped (someone else copies it and uses it) they might not remove the link (free link!) and also because G seems to give a link more juice when it's right up top. Google also likes the link to be in context. (note: comments DO NOT get anywhere near the juice that links inside the article get)

Then I opened a different/new Squidoo account and created a "lens," er, uh...

Just go there and you'll see, it's easy. The first lens had a link (Squidoo is do follow but at first it will be no follow, just keep adding "modules" until you get a little green check mark... you'll understand when you do it and then it will turn into 'do follow' over night!) Earn extra cash online is another chance to put in my key phrase because if you don't put it in periodically then G doesn't know what your page is about. My 2nd keyphrase is made up of part or all of my main keyphrase... coincidence... of course not!

Next I made a second lens which pointed to my site's first article (which will soon point to this entry as well so when one gets indexed the other gets indexed. It also spreads one article's juice to the other article but the whole site still keeps it all... very good.

By the way, you see how this post is really, really, really long?

Here's why: Google loves long entries. They rank better. Two, some people hate long entries... hopefully they will click on my Adsense to move on. (It may not have Adsense yet, but it will, Adsense just makes a site gain rank slower) Third, people will find it hard when you're putting down bible length articles to decide you don't know what you're talking about...(thanks Grizz)

So I have my first "backlinks" pointing to my site's articles and my Goarticles article which also points to my site. The web of links is important but watch out if you link both ways... G will think you're a link farm and drop bombs on you and your site. Just funnel everything toward the site you want to make money and don't send out any links from your site to the other stuff you created to promote your site. For instance if your goarticles article links to your main site don't link your main site to that article.

Well, I'm not done but I'm done for now...

Remember, if you do what I do, create legit sights with good content then think about joining forces in creating 3 way links (some people don't know this) which Google doesn't mind that will propel us up the SE rankings so we can make money. The higher you are the more people that visit your site. Cash Earn Online!

Earn extra cash online with dan's new and amazing blog.

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