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The world has collapsed and the internet has broken through the cracks. What does that mean? It means I can't go anywhere without the internet coming through the seems to interfere with my everyday life. I go to see a band at a "free" radio show in Scottsdale... I get inundated with website crap. I can't turn around without getting someone's myspace page or facebook profile... ewww. I came to have a few beers and listen to some music.

I see everyone eager to take everyone else's business cards... so they can get an extra friend. When I see those people I think to myself... don't they have enough? I can't keep up with the people I already have and that's only thirty or forty. What if I had 300? 3,000? Nope.

And for what? At these events and social gatherings I see everyone somehow wanting to turn this facebook/twitter/digg/etc thing into money. How much money is there in all of it? Lots. Cash to be made. But, er, you have to be willing to get a little shady. Because it isn't flowing around like a mall. People go to a mall wanting to spend their money. They get excited about it.

Nobody gets excited about following a Twitter twit and spending money. Then why is web 2.0 so big? Well, there ARE people willing to spend money to figure out how to get the money from other people spending money in the web 2.0 twitter/facebook universe. Did you catch that circle? The only people spending money are the people who want to get the money from those people trying to figure out how to get the money from people who want to figure out how to get the money from people wanting to figure out... ahhhhhh!!!! Am I saying web 2.0 is a pyramid scam?

No. errrr.... maybe.

Maybe it's like MLM. I'm sure there's a product in there somewhere buried deep. Real deep.

Well, you'll have something pretty cool to tell your friends if you get 5 million Twitter followers or whatever is awesome these days. What you won't get is any money.

If you want money, focus on getting backlinks with your keywords in them from sites that talk about what your site talks about. Period.

I like to think people can learn how to link build and then push a website to the top of the search engines and make a couple bucks from adsense.

But, if you want to stay in 2.0 think about my mom. She publishes in her blog one to five times a day! She takes good care of her readers. My mom's blog is about nothing but her going to the store, who's died in her retirement home, what she thinks of this or that and she makes a couple bucks (one month she made $14.30!) which makes her very, very happy. She reviews books and movies and has amazon links and thirty or forth followers.

She puts WAY too much time into that one blog if you ask me. Usually for $2 or $3 dollars! Instead, use the SERPs. That's where the money is at! When you get people who have actually typed in "flirting 101" they are much more likely to buy a product that teaches them how to flirt than someone who came over from TMZ!

Let's get this straight. I have a nav bar loaded with social bookmarks. When I write something I go down the line and bookmark it with all of them. I also try to stay up to date with which hubpage/infobarrel etc is still do follow and create "pages" about what I need a link in. Heck I try to steer a few visitors to my hubpages to get the score up to 75 (it's pretty much not worth the time... lol) because that's where it needs to be to get the coveted "do follow" link... lol.

Anyway... that enough of social web 2.0...

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