How to Link Build Online to Earn Cash

This is a FREE blog that will show you how to use a free blog from Google Blogger or anywhere else and smash the competition. I'll do that by building this site up for my keywords cash earn online and then more difficult competition while at the same time I'll be posting exactly how I'm doing it! For Free. I want to build a community of good sites where we can all share links and get our big time Page Rank going. I want to help you and then if you want to help me... great!

Link Building

Link building and Cash: Earn Online go hand in hand. What that means is if you want to make some money online then you're going to have to spend some time link building and by "some time" I mean you're going to have to spend a bunch of time.

You have to link to your other articles within your articles. Why? I explain in my earlier articles. Anyway Cash Earn Online

And my second article... Earn Extra Cash Online

And if you link to this article please use How to Link Build.
And now we're back to my big Link Building lesson. Let's begin with the basics.


1. First off let's get things spelled correctly. That means having most of it looking pretty good. I see very high earning sites with typos, some people even think a few typos makes it look "real," but for the most part you want to have the language in pretty good shape. What if you don't speak English (or whatever language) very well? There are websites that will review your article for as little as a link! Just a lousy link on a Google indexed free blog even! And if you can't find one - email me - I'll touch it up for a permanent link!
2. Be an expert - even if you're not an expert you still need to be an expert. I have a paintball site that I adsense for about $20.00 a month. I only write articles every now and again for it but I research them first so when I write, I'm writing from an expert's perspective.
3. Keywords - Have your keywords in your article. If you don't you won't matter to Google. If you say your site is about Cash Earn Online then Google wants to see you talking about making money online. If your article is about How to Link Build then you have to talk about backlink building. Got it? Good.


4. Make a list of what isn't true about your particular field. If it's link building then talk about what you don't do when link building. "Top 10 Reasons Link Farms Actually Do Work" or something like that.
5. Make a top 10 - Top 10 Best SEO Tips, Top 10 Easiest Backlink Secrets, Top 10 Best Shoes, etc. You get the idea... don't you?
6. Give a list of the best sources of information on a subject.

7. Create a "link to me" area where you provide the code for someone to link to you... like this...

Link to me: Cash Earn Online

8. Create webpages or wordpress themes so you can stick your link in the footer and get free links. Be sure to use the exactly link text you want like Cash Earn Online so you rank for that exact search phrase.
9. Have your contact information on a page so Google picks it up and adds you to local searches. When you're local people in your area are more apt to link to you. Sure it's a long shot, but this help with local searches once you rank high as well so it's just good practice.


10. Ezine.com - Ezine is tough. You sign up and write an article and then it gets reviewed. You get 10 initial articles before you come up for review. At that point you either get 10 more if they like your articles or unlimited more if they love them, but if they don't like you then 10 is your limit until you open a new account. Ezine will also make you redo errors and the like if you don't follow their rules and guidlines correctly. It can be annoying but they have the highest rank and reputation. So deal with it and get some good links.
11. Use GoArticles.com - GoArticles lets you put links in the body of your article (ezine only lets you "sign" at the bottom) and "in content" links are much, much, much better than links down at the bottom.
12. isnare.com - another one like the above two. In fact there are a hundred article submission sites so get to work on them. Link from them to your article and where ever else you have things.

Link Reciprocate...

13. Trade links - This means your site has a link pointing at their site and they have a link pointing at your site. This can be from a links page (which sucks... get rid of it!) or from within the content. Never agree to be on someone else's link page. It's better to be on a buried page (as long as it's indexed) within the content than on a link page. These are weak but if it's on a site that's about the same thing your site is about (both about dating, or both about cars, or both about drawing) then Google still likes this a lot. If not, then it is worth next to nothing...
14. 3-way link - You or they have two sites pretty much about the same thing. Your first site has a link pointing to their site and their site as a link pointing to your second sight. To Google it looks like they are linking to you but your are not linking to them... very good. And it looks like you're other site is liking to them and they are not linking to that other site... good. But Google is a little smarter than this. If either of your two sites link to each other (and why wouldn't they?) then Google will raise a little flag... if too many of the sites involved are all linking to each other then Google get angry and Google smash! and no Cash Earn Online. That's NOT how to link build, by the way.
15. Trade and abandon - You agree to trade. They point at you and you point at them then... after a few weeks you delete your link to them. Next time Google spiders it's a 1 way link and if it's in content with your keyword text (cash earn online) and on the same kind of subject then Google jumps for joy! The only thing better is higher PR! They might catch this and call you on it, or more likely just delete your link. But what happens a lot is... they never notice! Sweeeet!
(Don't cry to me... if you don't feel this is your thing.... don't do it! Simple!)
16. Send an email asking for a 1 way, keyword text, in content link just because. Hey, you never know!


17. Having a drawing, to enter send me an email and direct a link at my site (or whatever new site you're building) from your site. At the end of the week, day, year, month... the winner gets... ipod? Snazzy link from my very high ranking PR site. Say you'll email the winner that way the other people don't check to see if they won, that way they won't be reminded to remove your link if they didn't win... What? That one is as white had as you can get!
18. Putting out a press release. Just google it. You jump up and down about your site and hope those kinds of outlets that deal with that junk puts up a link to your site. That isn't same subject but every link helps! (even "no follow" - tests show they do help slightly! especially with Yahoo!)
19. Emailing your friends and begging...
20. Giving out "awards" which are cool little pictures that recognize something the site does well. This picture itself can have a link embedded or if that's a little our of your league add an article on your site with the "results" and a lot of blogs and some sites will put a link pointing to your site so they can get some love!
21. Getting your community - online or in real life - to delicious, digg, sphinn, twitter, facebook or whatever you.. Some of those are "do follow" and even those that are "no follow" such as Twitter can still pass visitors (and tests seem to indicate that they do pass some authority despide the "no follow")


22. Your community as stuff.... Chamber of Commerce...
23. Organizations you belong to... Just a polite inquiry is all... geez, don't be so sensitive!
24. The Better Business Bureau
25. Start another website or blog, get that indexed and then link to your site using that! (why didn't I think of that! Damn this is a lot of work!)
26. Use ebay.
27. Offer straight cash to people.
28. Threaten people... (yeah, i'm running thin... lol) No seriously, you could get in the news and then the news' webpage will link to your whatever they can find. Go ahead and alert them if they question you about the "event"!
29. Comment on "do follow" blogs.... it isn't much but it also isn't hard. Don't spam. Spam pisses everyone off and is pretty much a waste of time. People delete spam or don't approve it. If you just leave 5 MORE sentences they will leave the link FOREVER! Just read two paragraphs in the middle and talk about that, but show that you read some part of it! Don't spam! Ever! It's annoying. And link to this site! (it was worth a shot! lol)
30. Apply to free directories.
31. But high page ranking sites that people have recently abandoned or are selling... do some research! Sometimes people have a pr 2, 3 or even 4 that they don't make money from and are tired of the work. They just let it go and those links pointing toward it are not going anywhere! Google just doesn't care (much.)(for now.)
32. Do a little free/low pay work (1 hour or less) to get a permanent link our their pr 2 and above site... Craig's List!
33. Get on Craig's List somewhere and ad your link! That's how to link build. (Got to use the keywords to make money online. Cash! Cash! Cash!)
34. Did I say pay for them? Yup, to win big you'll have to pay for great back links!

I'm tired and going to bed. Follow me on RSS! Bookmark me! Come back! Please!?! I'll buy you candy! Man, I really am tired.

end your post with your keyphrase in the last sentence. Cash - earn online today, yesterday and tomorrow.......

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