How to Link Build Using "black hat" Techniques to get .Edu and .Gov Links

How to Link Build

This site is all about using all FREE resources to crush pay sites. And contrary to what any of them might say "back links" are how everyone does it. They may tell you they use this neat program or that expensive program and that may or may not be true but if it is true then they are using the program to build back links. Nothing more. Somehow they are using the information they are gathering to build back links. Many of the "experts" tell you how complicated it is to rank, how you have to have a fantastic site that's well coded and looks great, that you have to constantly blog, and that you have to have a lot of expensive e-books or programs that they are pushing.

hmmm.... I don't think so...

What do you need? Backlinks.

As of this post this site is not ranked in the SERPs (search engine results page) while several of the posts that are pointing to me do rank on the first and second page. Why? Do those pages have better writing? No. What is it about them that allowed them to rank so quickly? Do they have more links pointing to them than to here? It's close but no, they don't. However their site has thousands upon thousands of links pointing to it... and some of that juice is being counted on those pages. A GoArticles article and a Articlebase article both of which point here.

This site will get it's day in the sun.

I have been doing a little blog perusing to create "do follow" backlinks through comments to this site. I should be doing more peer to peer linking but haven't been doing that as of yet. I've been creating blogs that I use to send links here. I'll be posting a little list of some of those, like I promised in my last post, but have not compiled it yet.

On to the black hat thing... this isn't one of the bad things. If google decides you're spamming these sites (because they are reporting you! because you are spamming) then you will likely get that email address earmarked as spam by the companies whose services sweep the comment sections of some of the really big free blog platforms. Read the post and answer with a minimum of four sentences!

Here is .edu and .gov SE filters
Anyway here is how you search for .edu and .gov blogs while filting out a bunch of the crap.

site:.edu “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
Cut and paste that above. If you want .gov then delete the .edu part and replace it with the .gov suffix. This will give you those sites... add +"keyword" at the end to look for blogs that contain your keywords... which does help a bit.

The trick is... when you put your name int he name box which is usually first then for most setups that is your link title. That means that page is telling Google to rank you for whatever you put in the "name" box. So if it's "Dan" then that page is telling Google to rank your site for "dan" not for "future car parts" or whatever you're going after. But if you just put "future car parts" the owner of the blog could get annoyed and mark you as spam. Too many times like this and your email gets blown out as a spammer. Then your comments automatically get blocked.

To avoid that take a look at the other comments. Do other people use their keywords as their name? Then it's probably okay if you leave a good comment. Do other people use their keywords and stupid one line comments like "nice site"? Then they probably have their blog's comments on auto approve or they are happy with any comment. If the other names don't have live "links" then they might have that turned off, so just skip it. I go with "Dan @ Tips for Flirting" or whatever so I have a name and a product... this usually get me by. Especially if someone else has this type of "name". Just leave a good comment. 4 sentences.

That's it for how to link build using black hat techniques for today.

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